It's legal to unbuckle an Idaho baby in a moving car.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic with a screaming baby in tow? We have, and it's awful. Before kids, we would've judged a mother for breastfeeding an unrestrained baby in a moving car. And even though we never did it, we have empathy for mothers who have had to.

ICYMI: screaming, hungry babies wait for no one. 

Can you blame them? If your only means of communication were limited to tooting, pooping or peeing your underwear, crying, and cooing, you'd be impatient, too. New parents learn pretty quickly that they're on baby's schedule, not the other way around.

Until you're stuck in bumper-to-bumper Boise traffic with your two-month-old sounding off like an angry teapot in the back seat, you just don't get it. Factor in two more bitties five-and-under, and your trip to and from Boise Towne Square mall is more like a Stephen King novel than the low-key family outing you envisioned.

You know what else waits for no one? A mother's milk. 

The let-down launch sequence is real and unpredictable at times. For some nursing mothers, a crying babe, whether their own or someone else's, can trigger milk production on-the-spot. Unfortunately for momma, the more her cups runneth over, the more painful it becomes.

Between the ear-piercing hunger screams and the growing pain of a pent-up let-down, we don't judge momma for unbuckling baby. It's fine if you do, but at the end of the day, all that matters is that it's legal to feed your unrestrained baby in a moving car in Idaho.

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