We've got 99 problems but our toilet ain't one. 

There's nothing mysterious about what it takes to keep a sink or toilet clog-free. Yet day after day, Idahoans rinse and flush a variety of bizarre items without so much as a second thought. The question is why.

Do Idahoans not keep waste bins in their bathrooms? Have our neighbors never experienced the panic that sets in as the toilet water rises to the rim?

Maybe they've never experienced the come-to-Jesus moment triggered by a basin of overflowing water. We have. And all it took was one flush-around-and-find-out moment to set us straight.

Scroll for the 15 craziest things clogging Idaho plumbing. 

15 Items to Stop Flushing Immediately

Our toilets endure enough trauma without us treating them like a garbage disposals. Take a look at 15 items that do the worst damage to your plumbing system.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela


These are our best tips for keep our toilet clog-free. 

If you're done dealing with weekly clogs, blockages, poor drainage, and disgusting sewage backup, we get it. That's why we stick to four solid toilet tips.

When in doubt, throw it out! Keep a trash bin closeby for non-flushables like wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and dental floss. Strain the drain. A quick trip to the Dollar Store could save you hundreds-to-thousands in plumbing repairs.

Grease lightning is frightening! Let hot cooking grease cool down completely before pouring it into the kitchen garbage can. Say no to Drain-O. Chemical drain cleaners can wreak havoc on household pipes.

Few things are more important or more expensive to repair that household plumbing. Following these four tips will spare your wallet and your pipes from wracking up thousands in costs and repairs.

Scroll for 23 things forbidden in Idaho trash bins. 

23 Things Forbidden in Idaho Trash Bins

⚠️ When ridding your Idaho residence of harsh industrial products, solvents, paints, disinfectants, and fertilizers, there's more to know than most realize!

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