Idaho Dept. of Corrections couldn't seal the deal.

Most of us are familiar with the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But after what didn't transpire today in Idaho, it may be time to adopt a clever saying for the opposite.

Thomas Creech, 73, mass-murderer and long-time Idaho death row inmate, escaped execution for the 12th time on February 28. After the state's eight unsuccessful attempts to administer lethal injection, Creech walked back to his prison cell as if nothing had happened. Because nothing had happened.

Idaho needs an alternative to lethal injection. 

Every news outlet around the country is obsessing over the minutiae of what went wrong for the 12th time. But hyper-focusing on a problem as bizarre as this one is won't solve it.

If lethal injection isn't getting the job done 12 attempts later, why not implement a method that will?

It's not pretty, but death by firing squad would definitely end Creech's streak of luck. Idaho's but one shot away from delivering justice to the victims' families. So, why is the state dragging its feet on this?

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Idaho Department of Corrections
Idaho Department of Corrections

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FBI // Canva

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IDOT // Canva

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