It doesn't seem surprising, but last year Idaho didn't even crack the top 3. This year it lands just behind Utah, which takes the number 1 spot. And I can personally attest that Idaho is brimming with all the Christmas spirit. There's of course the obvious stuff. Christmas lights on every building, a PLETHORA of holiday activities for the family, and we get a lovable amount of snow. But it's the spirit of giving that really takes the Christmas vibes to a new level.

There is no shortage of generosity in Idaho. Toy Drives, sock drives, food drives--Everywhere you turn there are people banding together to make sure everyone has a beautiful Christmas. Mix 106's Toy Drive alone saw locals donate over $7500 in cash and gift cards, 91 bikes, and fill a 53ft truck trailer with toys. So Utah can be number 1 technically, but not in my eyes. The rest of the top 10 are Wisconsin, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Dakota, West Virginia, and Arkansas.

The top 10 states with the worst Christmas Spirit (with a few exceptions) have warmer weather in the winter months, which might be cause for feeling less Christmassy? In the number one spot is Florida, which also ranked high last year for not feeling the vibes. Hawaii, New Mexico, and Colorado are next, followed by my home state of Nevada.

That doesn't come as a shock. I've always loved Christmas, but the spirit there never matched mine. I lived in Las Vegas, which isn't the most family friendly. And some snow would have been nice. I'm really happy I live in Idaho now where I can drown in Christmas spirit.

Delaware,  California , Arizona, Texas, and New York round out the list. And honestly I'm stunned that New York isn't feeling the spirit. I mean, a billion Christmas movies are set in New York! The massive tree in Rockefeller Center! Why are they such Scrooges over there?

Oh, well! It feels good to be riding high on the list and hopefully next year Idaho takes that number one spot. Be scared, Utah. Be very scared!









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