Although presidential  inaugurations are always considered to be "massive security operations,"  President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration faces heightened security concerns after last week's breach of the U.S. Capitol. In addition, President Trump was just impeached for the second time in a vote by the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The entire nations feels a slight sense of apprehension right now which is why a new request for additional support will be sending almost 300 members from the Idaho National Guard to the nation's capitol next week.

According to KTVB, an estimated total of 25,000 guard members from all over the country are being deployed to Washington D.C.; about 300 of them from the Idaho National Guard. The guardsmen will be involved in providing security and assistance the Secret Service, communications, medical, logistics, and safety support. AP reports, that only those who are either military police or have law enforcement experience will be armed.

Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said in a press conference that the inauguration this year has been designated as a "national special security event."  According to the Idaho National Guard, about a dozen guardsmen were already planning to be sent to D.C. for the inauguration for about a month now. However, the demand for more security and assistance has heightened in the past week.

The Idaho National Guard has been active in 2020 by providing support to frontline healthcare workers in fighting COVID-19. They were also activated over the summer as 400 guardsmen from Idaho were deployed to Washington D.C. amid Black Lives Matter protests.

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