Get caught possessing Marijuana in Idaho, and you could pay 1,000 fine and spend up to a year in jail. The penalty will be reduced if one Idaho Lawmaker gets his way. The misdemeanor charge is for someone who is carrying up to three ounces of pot. Boise Democratic Representative John Gannon proposed a bill that would reduce those penalties for first-time offenders, reports the Idaho Statesman. Gannon pitched his proposal to the Idaho House Judiciary, Rules and Administration Committee.

Gannon wants a reduction that would allow those convicted to take the punishment of an infraction rather than a misdemeanor. Once someone is found guilty, the sentenced would be eligible to pay a two hundred fifty dollar fine, serve eight hours of community service, and complete four hours of drug and alcohol classes.

Once completed, offenders could receive an infraction.  Marijuana has been legalized in several states including those that surround Idaho.  The Statehouse has seen several pro-pot demonstrations.  Medical Marijuana has also been pushed to legalize.

The Idaho State Police recently arrested a driver who was charged with carrying illegal cargo.  ISP says it's Marijuana, while the drive and his company say it's Hemp.  Hemp was just legalized by the federal government but is currently illegal in Idaho.

The issue of Hemp legalization is expected to be brought up during this legislative session.  Governor Little has vowed not to legalize Marijuana in Idaho.  We'll continue to update this story as it develops.


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