You love to go skiing and snowboarding, but if you're still in high school, only have a part-time job, or your funds flow to textbooks and tuition, then it's hard to drop some cash on a season pass up at Bogus Basin or Brundage.

Well those two ski resorts are looking to appeal to those young adults by offering some pretty sweet deals on their season passes. According to the Idaho Statesman, a President's Day sale will soon kick off, offering great deals to 18-24 year-olds, despite a slight increase overall in prices compared to last year.

Starting February 18, "young adults" can get their 2019-2020 season passes for $229. In comparison, adults (older than 24) will have to shell out $329 to renew or $359 for new passes. According to the Statesman, last year, adult passes cost $299 to renew or $329 to purchase a new one.

If you didn't think that was already a great deal for young adults, check this out...When you buy your 19-20 season pass, you can use it for the remainder of this season. And with Bogus Basin's new snow-making machines, it looks like it might last well into April!

When it comes to Brundage Mountain, the Statesman says they'll also be running a sale from February 18 - March 3. The best deal, according to Brundage spokeswoman, April Whitney, is their family pass at $999, which gives you a $450 discount!!

If it's your first time buying a Brundage pass or like to head up during the week, you can get your pass for $259. They're offering a deal for active or retired military at $229; and if you have a season pass somewhere else, you can get a Brundage season pass for $299 instead of the $389 adult pass price.

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