I was actually kind of surprised to see where Idaho landed on the most attractive states list... But hey, at least we're not Mississippi!

I was very surprised to see that NEW JERSEY landed at NUMBER one on Zippia's list of the most attractive states. But New Jersey, NUMBER ONE? Of all fifty states? Maybe all the GTL they're doing on the Jersey Shore?

Mississippi earned the dead last spot. Imagine that, being from the LEAST attractive state in the country. Idaho landed at a nice 28 and let's be honest, the sexy peeps here in Treasure Valley are what kept the average up.

California did okay, Hawaii and Alaska did too but man, the South really took a hit overall. If you're a 6-7 in Idaho, you can bet you'd be a solid 10 if you ever moved to the South. Problem is, you'd have to live in the South so I'll take my #6 here in Idaho. 23/35 isn't that bad!

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