Ladies, do you feel like you have great job opportunities here?  And you have an awesome work-life balance?  Excellent!  You hit the jackpot. But Idaho overall is so-so for working moms.

The worst states are in the south for finding child care that doesn't break the bank, job opportunities, and keeping a good balance between work and family.  States like Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama rank near the bottom, according to a new Wallethub infographic.

Idaho ranks #22.  We're #9 for our work-life balance.  And we do well when it comes to pay too, ladies.  We have one of the lowest gender pay gaps here, and only women in California, DC, and Vermont do better at earning close to what guys earn.

So Idaho is a good place to be.  Now, if only those experts could do something about the guilt that we working moms feel, wanting to be in two or three places at one time.  Work, kids' school open houses and parties, play dates....if only we could clone ourselves!