These retirees are young.  The average age of someone who retires from the military is 45, and it turns out Idaho is one of the best places in America to put down new roots.  If you see military retirees at Memorial Day events this weekend, think they'll agree that they're in a good place?

Wallethub looked at things like veterans per capita, the number of VA health facilities, and job opportunities for veterans, and discovered that Idaho takes care of its veterans better than most states.

We rank 9th for healthcare, and 8th overall among the Best and Worst States for Military Retirees.  Montana and Wyoming rank in the top 5 overall, with the number of veterans per capita being a big factor.  And places to live are affordable in this part of the county, which helps all of us.

There are plenty of places for military retirees to plug in around Boise, and the Veterans Community Resource Guide puts it all together in one place.  They cover clothing assistance, dental appointments, child care, housing and financial help, and more.

After all that these folks have done for us during their military careers, it's nice to see Idaho does a pretty good job of taking care of them after their service.  Could Idaho do better? Probably.  But since we're not directly in charge of creating veteran housing and hospitals, the least we can do is have some veterans over for a Memorial Day weekend barbecue, and remember that the true meaning of the holiday is more than burgers, beer, chips, and guacamole.

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