We've gone out of our way to prove our distain for Mondays in the most direct way... Happy Monday, by the way!

I don't necessarily hate Mondays. I find it particularly hard to wake up early on Mondays but I guess that's what comes after a weekend off. For a lot of Idahoans, Monday is the worst... In fact, so much so that we LEAD the United States in our hate for Mondays. We're like Garfield if he hated the correct day. According to Zippia, we've proven how much we truly hate Mondays by calling out sick on Mondays more than any other state. That's impressive... Out of 50 STATES, we do this the most? Check out Zippia's rankings of the USA in our hate for Mondays:

I also want to see what is happening in Vermont on Mondays that makes them love Mondays so much, or at least hate them the least. In the meantime, since today is actually Monday, let's try and make the best of it. It can't be all that bad, can it? The election and inauguration are in our rear view mirror, so at the very least, there should be *less* fighting online over politics. We've got our first celebrity deaths out of the way for 2021, the weather isn't too bad in the Treasure Valley. We should be in for a pretty smooth week, ya know!

*Knock on wood* of course. I don't want to curse this and every Monday for us... Dammit, what have I done?!

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