Milepost 420 on a stretch of highway near Coeur d'Alene is gone --  taken down by the transportation department -- to keep marijuana enthusiasts from stealing it.  Idaho is not alone dealing with the missing 420 signs.  Two other states are having issues too.

The number 420 has always held significance for pot smokers, and that has made April 20th a festive day.  It has also caused problems for public spaces displaying that number because people want to own the signs for themselves.

Colorado and Washington have had trouble with missing Milepost signs too showing the number 420.

Idaho put up a new sign this week that says Milepost 419.9.  No lie.  The news even made the TODAY show.

There are many states that don't have to deal with the issue of missing signs, not because they don't have marijuana enthusiasts there, but because highway systems don't go over 400 miles.

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