Happy Fourth of July weekend, Treasure Valley! Without a doubt, these next several days will be filled with family, BBQ, and of course the constant popping of fireworks!

There are plenty of local fireworks shows taking place this weekend (listed below) but we all know that as kids, or if you're a parent with kids, you can usually find yourselves and your neighbors in your driveways lighting off your own little firework celebration! St. Luke's Children's Hospital warns us to watch out for the dangers surrounding our little ones.

4th of July Alternative Activities for Kids in Idaho

Kids love fireworks and there is something so magical about those Fourth of July childhood memories. But, common sense also tells us that there are real dangers that come with kids this holiday as well.

St. Luke's Children's Hospital put out a statement on their Instagram page warning parents to take the proper precautions and even advising against children lighting off fireworks at all. Even those fun sparklers, which can burn up to 2,000°!

We all know that accidents can happen that can cause first, second or third-degree burns, and even life-threatening circumstances that land children in the hospital or emergency room every year.

Now, I’m not saying to celebrate or light your own this year, but just to use common sense and fireworks safety with children around. St. Luke’s did share a few fun and safe child-friendly alternatives while an adult lights off the fireworks:

•Glow Sticks
•Red, White, and Blue Silly String
•Confetti Poppers

I’m sure we could all add a few more fun ideas to the list that our children would enjoy! I’ve even seen the “sparkler cup shield” to keep kids safe from burns. Place the sparkler through the bottom of a red plastic cup and have them hold it through the top, making a type of shield from heat and burns but still being able to enjoy the classic Fourth of July fun!

Courtesy: Kekeluv
Courtesy: Kekeluv

Let’s enjoy this holiday weekend, but let’s all be mindful of firework safety with our Treasure Valley children!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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