If you're an Idahoan with a need for speed...

you might wanna slow your roll if you drive a certain kind of car. 

Right or wrong, your ride can mean the difference between racking up a glove box of speeding tickets or going unnoticed at 15 over on I-84. We hate to say it, but most of us are at the mercy of stereotyping behind the wheel.  

Certain cars scream, "D-bag on board."

They might not say it, but plenty of Idahoans think it: the flashier the car, the douchier the driver. Sorry, y'all, minivans and Town & Countries aren't the ones stealin' the show or ISP's attention when it comes to speeding. It's the Hummer H2s, Maybachs, Mustangs, and Camaros that practically scream, "D-bag on board."

Their sleek designs and loud, powerful engines typically lead to the general assumption that their owners' have a led foot, that they're probably overcompensating for what they lack in the sack, or both 🙃 

Color & youth matter, too. 

The brighter the color, the more obvious it is that the car is doing 50 in a 35mph zone, right? And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to get why a youngin' in a hand-me-down Honda Civic would be stereotyped as a reckless while a mature driver in a luxury car like a Lexus may be perceived as more responsible and law-abiding. 

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