First and foremost, Idaho is the greatest state of all time. Allow me to repeat that - Idaho is the greatest state of all time. I'm saying this because typically when I share things like this, I'm on the receiving end of e-mails from people who only catch the headline. Exhibit A:

Chris C./TSM Boise
Chris C./TSM Boise

Would I deserve it for saying that Idaho wants to be like California? Sure... but the thing is, it wasn't me who shared the California things that Idaho secretly wants. It was people who have lived in Idaho for an extended period of time that shared with us via comments and messages on our Facebook page, what they would welcome from California.

Trust me, coming from Texas, I can certainly tell you that I love everything about Idaho. Here's the thing though... it's not necessarily a bad thing that California has some things that Idaho wants. Why should it be a bad thing to pick and choose the things you enjoy from another state that would mesh well with your state? Idaho is beautiful, with a wonderful downtown, and plenty of amazing people who are some of the friendliest people you'll meet in person. Couple all of that with a few things here and there from California and you have what I would call a "Utopia."

From recreational grass to Disney Land, California certainly has a few things that Idahoans would likely welcome with open arms. Let me know your feelings and/or thoughts on what Idaho should welcome from Idaho!

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