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Idaho winters are among the most beautiful in the United States! Snow-capped mountains, frosted blue spruces, and frozen lakes that mirror crystal clear skies make the Gem State a premier winter destination.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Historically, Idaho winter months fluctuate between highs of 41 degrees and lows of 27 degrees. Visitors and Idahoans alike find the mild temperatures both inviting and ideal for outdoor recreation and sightseeing.

But what really endears folks to our gorgeous state is our snow! Between the months of November and February, tourists from around the world are captivated by Idaho's dreamy winter wonderland. Depending on your preference and where you vacation, your winter wonderland experience could be dramatically different than someone else's.

Snowfall in the eastern part of the state is dry and fluffy due to the region's semi-arid climate, while snows in the west are typically wet and heavy due to the Pacific Ocean's influence.

Island in the Snow

If we failed to make ourselves clear, Idaho and snow are two peas in a pod. In photos or in-person, our state in flocked form is absolutely breathtaking. But what part of Idaho is the snowiest?

Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash
Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash

The snowiest city in all of Idaho is Island Park! It's blanketed by more than 200 inches or just over 17 feet of snow each winter, with an average snowfall of nine feet!

You'll find the city of Island Park nestled 20 minutes outside of Yellowstone National Park's west entrance. Contrary to its name, the stunning Idaho city isn't an island after all. Only In Your State: Idaho notes the picturesque and tiny town is actually "a unique haven of lakes, woods, rivers, meadows, and mountains lightly sprinkled with ranches and charming mountain lodges."

If your heart is blinded by Island Park's snow, visit the City of Island Park's website to book your winter wonderland vacation!

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