Like Ed Sheeran, people have long been fascinated with shapes.

From clouds to mountains, our brains are naturally wired to identify patterns, trends, and meanings in the things we see and experience.

It's called pareidolia, and our quirky tendency makes us see familiar shapes in random objects—like a mountain range that resembles a woman's breasts, hence Idaho's Grand Tetons.

Searching for shapes in random objects is nothing new.

Our pattern-seeking behavior dates back to our ancestors. Back then, it was a survival skill that helped them differentiate between threats and opportunities around them. Today, most of us find it fun when our brains pick up on cool pictures in nature and the emotions and associations they evoke.

POV: yours truly has a cute, tiny birthmark five inches above my left knee that looks like a heart, and I swear up and down it represents love and connection. Call me crazy, but I love my quirky birthmark. It's unique, amusing and adds a touch of whimsy to my figure.

You can see Hercules in the stars & Joe Biden's profile etched in Idaho's border.

Think about the shapes of the great constellations and their place in Greek mythology. The stroke of a creative mind's pen transformed clusters of stars into complex, fascinating narratives passed down from the Minoan civilization of Crete that existed from about 3000 to 1100 BCE.

It's not on the same level as the cosmos, per se, but the story behind how Idaho got its Joe Biden-looking shape. Love him or hate him, it's a pretty interesting story. It's also one of 10 fascinating Idaho facts in the gallery below.

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How Idaho's Border Ended Up Looking Like Joe Biden + 9 More Quirky Facts

Have you ever wondered why Idaho's Montana border looks like Joe Biden's side profile? Or how the Gem State got its distinctive, gun-like shape? Maybe you're curious to know how Idaho got its nickname?

We're explaining all that & more in the gallery below!

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11 Spectacular Laws We Wish Existed in Idaho

Pitching a fresh law might sound a bit overwhelming, but it's a core part of how us regular folks get in on the democratic action. Here are 12 laws we would propose to Idaho lawmakers!

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  • 9 really weird & wrong ideas outsiders have about Idaho living

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9 Really Weird & Wrong Ideas Outsiders Have About Idaho

Do you ever get the feeling that America thinks Idaho was born yesterday? Or that we're nothing more than a giant field of potatoes? Do you ever get a little tired of the same old warn-out stereotypes?

Rather than complain, we decided to address nine of them and have a little fun along the way!

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8 Reasons Idahoans Call the Police on Their Neighbors

You could say calling the cops on your neighbors isn't the most neighborly thing to do. But what about when it's absolutely warranted?

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