There's no denying beautiful cakes are a crowd-pleaser.

There's something captivating about a custom cake. Intricate designs, flawless finishes, dreamy textures, vibrant colors—these beauties are easy on the eyes long before they dazzle our taste buds.

A cake's aesthetic reflects its baker's unique talent, vision, and dedication to their delicious craft. Pardon our pun, but it's exciting when a cake rises above the ordinary.

It's more than baking; it's edible art. Sculpting, painting, even engineering a spectacular cake that looks like a bouquet of blooms or a petite replica of a landmark or person can be as inspiring as a work of art in a gallery.

Ask any party planner or event coordinator who's commissioned one, and they'll gush about the ways it elevated their event.

Let Boise eat cake!

Splendid cakes lend an air of magic & whimsy to our celebrations. When the time comes to cut the cake, it's a moment filled with sweet anticipation and a sugary, sensational pay-off.

Unveiling a cake is like unwrapping a present. Layer by layer, each slice is a delightful surprise. Even if you're not one for sweet treats, who can resist a bite or two of a culinary masterpiece at a fun-filled wedding, birthday, or retirement celebration?

We would take a bite out of the gallery below in a heartbeat. These 75 beautifully photographed confections aren't just stunning; they're delicious.  

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Cake Masters Boise: Amaru Confections

BOISE, Idaho. Locally-owned and operated, Amaru Confections was founded in 2000 by Aimee and Chris Wyatt in their Boise apartment. After 12 years, the couple moved their baking operations into a Boise storefront, positioning the bakery as one of Boise's best and the recipient of 10 local awards!

Today, Amaru Confections is owned and operated by Kathie Luna. A graduate of Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts in Sacramento, CA, Luna's Idaho story started in Meridian in 2005. Since then, Luna has been been a pastry chef for Boise's famous Berry Hill & Co. as well as Bacon.

"Kathie truly hopes to uphold the original values that the Wyatt’s set in place—creating beautiful, hand decorated, enjoyable, and most importantly delicious desserts." -Amaru Confections

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Located at 217 Roosevelt Street in Boise, Amaru Confections delivers custom cakes and online orders within a 250 mile radius of Boise. If you're ready to have your cake and eat it too, shop Amaru Confections' gallery of goodies here!

Amaru Confections: Vegan & Gluten-Free // Woman-Owned // Wedding Experts // Custom Cake Builders // Delectable // 10-Time Couples Choice Award Winner

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Cake Masters Boise: Emmeli's Cake

BOISE, Idaho. Locally-owned and operated, Emmeli's Cake is the second of two successful businesses created by Idaho native Emmeli Mayo.

A wife and mother of three, the former owner of Sweet Things, Inc. is a lifelong, formally trained pastry chef and dessert enthusiast with a less-is-more approach to baking.

 "I am inspired by the world of beautiful desserts and am constantly amazed at how a few pure and simple ingredients can come together to make such an amazing variety of delicious things." -Emmeli Mayo

We imagine it's not always a cake walk, but Mayo is a woman of her word. Each delectable dessert is crafted from fresh, whole ingredients and shortcut-free recipes. No cake mix. No compromises. Mayo's treats are made 100% from scratch.

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In addition to her stunning cakes, Mayo's most requested treats include her cupcakes with mousse centers, cake pops, brownies, cookies of all kinds, truffles, lemon meringue pie, cherry chocolate cheesecake, and baked eclairs! To make an appointment, email Mayo at!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Cake Masters Boise: Flour Child

BOISE, Idaho. Locally-owned and operated, Flour Child was founded in Boise in 2016 by Emilee Rivers at just 21-years-old!

"I love what I do. I have always loved art and I am so so glad I discovered edible art. I love that I can create flavors that people love while making them look just as incredible! I love the growing aspect of this industry and how it is forever changing. I love that the creativity never lacks and the possibilities are absolutely endless!" -Emilee Rivers

An expert pastry chef, Rivers received her formal training from Le Cordon Blue where she mastered the art of cake, bread, pastry, and dessert-making. Additionally, Rivers has an affinity for designing spectacularly real-looking sugar flowers!

Prior to founding Flour Child, Rivers had worked for the famed Cake team in San Diego, CA. Today, Emilee, alongside her mama, Kristi, and talent team of bakers, take great pride in bringing Boise spectacularly deliciously and unique treats locals love!

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Located at 10668 West Overland in Boise, Flour Child offers yummy treats for walk-in pick-up as well as custom orders. Nothing marks an occasion quite like a specialty cake! To order your custom cake from Flour Child, click here.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

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