Anyone who regularly drives between Boise and Mountain Home knows that sometimes the trip is 40 minutes, and other times it's much longer. There's only one way to make the trip, and if there is a problem on I-84 in the direction you're traveling, the time spent on the road can increase exponentially. Saturday night was one of those times.

Depending on when you hit the traffic jam on Saturday night, traveling West on I-84 between Mountain Home and Boise may have taken more than two hours. If you were paying attention to your navigation app, you probably knew you would be sitting for a while. Looking ahead on your app, you know there was an accident. While traffic was at a complete standstill, emergency vehicles passed on the right, slowly making their way to the scene. Police, ambulance, and fire trucks were all called to the incident.

What made this incident truly stand out was not just the traffic chaos it caused or the response from the authorities. It was the vehicle itself, a sight not often seen on the road. And if you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it, you might have been left wondering about its unusual cargo.

This accident involved a semi-truck that was completely engulfed in flames. Once the fire was put out, the hundreds of cars allowed to pass by were surprised by what they saw. The semi-truck looked crispy but to the point of no repair. The side completely ripped off of it, revealing the contents of the giant truck: Orange Juice—bottles and bottles of orange juice.

This fire was likely caused by the truck's brakes getting too hot. Orange Juice isn't flammable, but the heat may have caused it to spoil. While the bottles looked unharmed, it's safe to say that you won't be buying any of them at the store.

We contacted the departments involved in putting out the fire and handling the situation for more specific information, but we haven't heard back.

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