Imagine this: it's a beautiful Boise summer day, and you're chillin' in the backyard barbecuing with friends when suddenly you hear your neighbor screaming TMI insults at her husband at the top of her lungs. For a lot of us with unhinged neighbors, that's just the tip of the spear. From one moment to the next, you never know what you're going to get, so you learn to live around the crazy.

Your neighbor on the opposite side is a good guy, but his DIY enthusiasm grew old about two years ago. As cool and friendly as he is, he's constantly taking on noisy projects at the crack of dawn, even though his garage shares a gangway with your infant's nursery.

Then there's the neighbor who's up in everybody's business. From the day-to-day of whose kids did and said what to the scandalous theories they peddle at the neighborhood pool, this neighbor is a first-class know-it-all who knows no boundaries. Every neighborhood has one. Yours just happens to share a property line with you.

Then there's the mystery couple who keep exclusively to themselves. You rarely see the snooty, childless lovebirds and when you do, they don't say hello or wave back.

Living in a neighborhood like this may keep life interesting, but it sure knows how to drive you nuts. That's Idaho living for you. We consider ourselves a pretty low-key, laid-back state, but some of our neighbors are missing a screw or two upstairs. And they've got the laws to prove it!

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  • 20 laws that prove Utah & California are Idaho's craziest nextdoor neighbors

  • These might be the 7 most awkward & inappropriate Bluey episodes ever

  • Have you seen any of Idaho's 23 missing teens?

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Idaho Has Crazy Neighbors: Weird Laws in California & Utah [gallery]

Scroll on for a gallery of laws in California & Utah that range from the entertaining to the ERMERGERD.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

7 Inappropriate Bluey Episodes Idaho Kids Should Never See

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Please Look: Have You Seen Idaho's 23 Missing Teens?

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Boise Family's Dog Was Eaten Alive On Their Patio

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