Nothing like being Catfished, am I right? Not to say I'm too good, but when you see a photo, you're expecting it to be close, no?

I see gorgeous pictures... Perfect, all the boxes are checked, I get so excited I have to go now. Nervously, I drive into Boise from my little rental in Meridian, I pass Capital High School and my map says I'm just two minutes from my destination. I turn on to the street I'm going, and there she is, standing proudly behind a bunch of beautiful trees.

The house I found on Zillow. Lucky for me, it was vacant and the back gate was open so I popped into the back and took a peak through the windows and sure enough, she was nothing like her pictures! I was totally catfished by a house and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Also, much smaller than the pictures implied.

So, I'm not buying yet anyway but the prospect is exciting. What I've learned, however, is there are obviously some phenomenal photographers in the Treasure Valley making some houses look incredible, even when they're not quite.

The search continues...

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