There is a woman in our office who had me completely perplexed today.  She was hungry and another co-worker had picked up a sandwich for her.  It was left in the fridge, and when I went to the kitchen and she was mentioning that she hadn't eaten it yet, I asked why.

The "problem" with it was that she didn't have anyone to eat lunch with, and she wasn't about to eat it alone in the kitchen or at her desk.  Her reason for this is that she didn't want to be seen by co-workers her desk...the kitchen...anywhere.  She's ok with string cheese or a few candies, but not a sandwich and/or salad.

Then it got really strange.  She said she wont eat in the car if she's alone and tries not to even if she's a passenger.  I couldn't understand this at all, but she explained that she doesn't want to be "judged" by people driving by.  Hmm.

I couldn't care less if people see me eating.  I often eat at my desk alone since I'm usually running late on things.  I've never thought twice about eating in the car.  I've also never judged anyone for eating alone, at the desk, in the car, while they walk, anything.  Come to think of it, I don't think I even notice if they are eating in the car.  I asked why she was even thinking anyone would be judging you for eating in the car and she said it's because SHE judges others for it.

I admit it, I can kind of be aloof but I never look at other drivers and I've never even considered this.  In fact, I don't care if they do judge me for eating...who are they to me?

Does this make any sense to you?  We ran this by a couple other co-workers and it seemed like I'm the one who "doesn't get it."  What am I  missing?

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