When the craziness of this year is all over and you're looking back, will you remember the moment you realized "this is really happening"?

I don't mean Covid-19 specifically, but the moment you realized life was going to be different for a while; the world shutting down, people fighting over whether or not Covid-19 is real and/or a threat, the great mask divide of 2020. On top of all the Covid-19, we've had a massive civil rights movement in 2020 with Black Lives Matter.

This will certainly go down as a year to remember. As a millennial, I remember some things from my childhood that stand out quite a bit; President Clinton's scandal, the O.J. Simpson chase, 9/11, the Iraq War, all these things.

But here we are in 2020 and this is as intense as it's been in my lifetime, certainly. Early this year, I kept hearing "Coronavirus" and paying it no attention. In fact, I remarked on morning on Mix 106 how bad I felt for Corona beer losing sales when they had nothing to do with this. It was some days later; I was at a wedding series dance class in Nampa one evening with my fiance and we were making some progress DANCING, which I'm not a fan of.

That night when we left the dance class and came out to the car and looked at our phones, we'd realized the world had changed. The NBA announced they were cancelling their season. All the sudden this was a bigger issue and much closer to home than I ever would have thought.

The next day we started discussing the unthinkable; postponing our wedding. We had looked forward to April 25th, 2020 for a year and a half and I remember thinking there's no way this Coronavirus nonsense would stick around through April. Boy, was I wrong. It stayed, we postponed the wedding until November and now we're discussing putting it off again. We'll probably end up eloping and just having a big wedding later but it certainly is mind blowing when you think about it, how much the world has changed this year.

I will never forget how much the world changed between the time we walked into that 30 minute dance class and when we came out. And this year will continue to throw some stuff at us. We have, likely the most tumultuous election of our lifetimes in less than 100 days and whether you're for Trump, Biden, Kanye even, I think we can all agree that the last five months of this year will be pretty stressful.

My goal in life is to jump on Mix 106 every morning with my good friend Angie Morales and try to spread some laughs and keep the Treasure Valley informed. Then I get to go home to my beautiful fiance every night. So, while the world is a bit chaotic and we don't know what to expect, I'm forever grateful for the things and people I can rely on.

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