I like to think that we aren't the only parents who deal with bed time struggles. Our son is almost 12 now, but we have always had the bed time battle. I feel like it hasn't gotten worse lately. Just last night, we heard the long list of reasons he couldn't go to bed.

We've heard it all. It's amazing how much our kids need when it's time for lights out.

  • "I have to go to the bathroom"
  • "I need water"
  • "My (fill in the blank) hurts" - This one can be used many times with a new body part each time
  • "It's too hot"
  • "It's too cold"
  • "I'm still hungry"

This goes on and on and on...

Here are a few tips to get your kids and teens to bed without the headache. (There's another one we've heard before).

For younger kids under 12:

  • Quiet time 30 minutes before bed to wind down
  • Read with your child for a set time (set timer for less arguing about just one more book)
  • No video games or screen time during quiet time
  • Let your child set their own alarm clock
  • Use a star chart with rewards and privileges

For kids and teens over 12:

  • Take electronics and phone out of bedroom at lights out
  • Allow for free time before bed - listening to music, watching a TV show
  • Set consequences and be consistent

Consistency is key no matter the age of your child. Experts also suggest using the "how and what technique" with the new bedtime routine. Allow your child to answer the following questions.

"How will we know if it is/isn't working?"

"What will we do if it is/isn't working?

Good luck! We all need it!

More information on these tips and more can be found HERE.

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