So cool for the space nerds (like myself)! Here's a guide that shows when and where you can spot the International Space Station over the Treasure Valley, plus... A 21+ sexy space date night?

Every couple of years I end up on a space kick for a while and I'm officially back at it now that I can do a little space-gazing right here from my home in the Treasure Valley. It's a beautiful universe out there and with a relatively inexpensive telescope, you can see a lot of it. With that same telescope, you can get a pretty good look at the International Space Station as is makes it's way over us.

This guide shows what dates, where to look, and how long the International Space Station will be visible here in the Treasure Valley. Sometimes the ISS is visible for as much as six minutes and sometimes it's visible for less than a minute. To me, it's cool to know that way up there, high above earth, there's what looks like a star, but there are people living there for long periods of time!

The Discovery Center of Idaho is another resource you can visit to learn more about the earth, the sun and a lot of the mystery of outer space. In fact, they have an adult night which is the perfect date night, but you've got to be 21 years or older to partake in that. The cool thing about that is that proceeds from the night are reinvested right back into the Discovery Center of Idaho.

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