Idaho is known for having the lowest crime rate in the West, but we still have trouble with theft. With Dutch Bros. on Broadway getting robbed this past Thursday, I thought I would do some research on how to help protect yourself at work and at home from robbers.


I found an awesome website called that gives all kinds of advice on how to protect yourself from all sorts of crimes. Many people know and practice basic safety in their homes, but don't realize the danger of being robbed at work. Safety practices are often simple and take just seconds for you to do. You can see a great list of protection ideas from and it rocks, but I came up with a few of my own after having been a victim of theft myself.

1. Try and store bicycles and scooters indoors. Just locking them up will usually result in the chain or U-bold being hacked. This has happened to me twice.

2. Get dowel rods or lengths of 1x1 wood to put in your windows or sliding glass doors. If you like to sleep with the windows open, this is a great way of leaving them cracked without leaving room for someone to come in.

3. Store extra money in tampon boxes. Yes I know men, this isn't your favorite idea... but it is the last place a male robber is going to look.

4. If you don't have a safe, don't store all of your cash in one place. If they find your stash with all of your cash, they've hit the jackpot and you've just lost your mega millions.

5. If you live somewhere without a deadbolt, get a credit-card proof lock. I lived in an apartment where I had one of these and it saved my rear from someone trying to break in.

6. Don't let people know that you live alone or how many people you live with. Someone could case the house to find out when the house is empty for prime burglarizing.

7. Tell UPS, USPS or FedEx to hold on to your packages if you aren't there to get them. Many people lose valuable large items that they purchased online because they are left outside while they are at work.

8. Do not leave purses, wallets or bags of any sort in your vehicle if it is parked outside. I had my window busted out for a purse that was empty in my car while I was in my house getting ready for work. If it looks like it could hold something, they might damage your car to get it.

Just be aware of your surroundings and know your home. In the case of a home invasion, you are your greatest tool and your greatest enemy if you don't know how to protect yourself.




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