It's almost time to rip open the presents, and sometimes that can be a little awkward. The spotlight is on you, and everyone is waiting to see how you'll react.  What if you don't know what in the heck it is?

Yahoo has some advice for us on how to make the gift-opening process non-awkward.

If the gift isn't exactly what you wanted, the disappointment might be sitting right there on your face for all to see.  The way to quickly divert attention is to say some sort of exclamation before the "thank you" comes out.  Like, "Oh, this is fantastic, it will go great in the foyer..." And then add, "Thank you so much!"  On to the next person.  If you're not sure what in the world it is, a simple "this is awesome" can go right before the "Thanks!"  And maybe a, "you always know exactly what I want" at the end.

If you toss the gift aside the second you get it, it's a dead giveaway that you're not thrilled.  Adults can't get away with the toss, but kids sure can!  It's cute when they do it.  And they'll pick it up later and it just might become their favorite toy.

Smiling helps too.  Gift-opening without a smile is odd, and smiles are the perfect way to let everyone know you're into the moment and appreciative of the gift.

Anyone else suddenly feel awkward, not about opening gifts, but about over-thinking process?  Just have fun!

If all else fails, you can always snap a quick pic and post your gift on that website called  Just don't tell Grandma.