Roadkill's what's for dinner

NAMPA, Idaho. Are you knew to conservationist living? Have you toyed with the idea of salvaging fresh road kill but don't know where to start? Keep reading!

Photo Credit: Photo by Scott Stephens on Unsplash // Canva
Photo Credit: Photo by Scott Stephens on Unsplash // Canva

Salvaging is a subject and practice Idaho Fish and Game takes quite seriously. Whether you hunt, or your interest stops at safe salvaging, education is vitally important. Idaho Fish and Game recipe contributor Randy King is the Gem State's roadkill connoisseur!

Randy King, Nampa's Roadkill Gourmet

A lifelong outdoorsmen and trained chef, King is an avid hunter and angler with a trove of experience to share. He's also the author of Chef in the Wild, a comprehensive guide for processing and preparing wildlife. From the mountains to the rivers, King is a sage among the conservationist community.


...Chef In the Wild author Randy King offers a comprehensive primer for the hunter and fisherman wondering what to do with his or her harvest. King recounts his adventures in the mountains and rivers of the West (and the pond and field near his home) in humorous and thoughtful essays providing helpful information on the cleaning, storing, preparation and cooking of wild game.


Learn from the best while supporting a local Idaho author. Endorsed by Idaho Fish and Game, you can buy Randy King's Chef in the Wild through this link on Amazon!

🦌 Is It Illegal To Eat Fresh Roadkill In Idaho? [Resources & Pics]

Boise, Idaho. If you're new to hunting and the concept of conservationist living, there's a great deal to know before you salvage and consume your first roadkill find!

🤠 The gallery below is intended to help the Gem State's newest conservationists and salvagers understand how to comply with Idaho Fish and Game's regulations.

💻 Direct links to hunter education for adults and children are featured in the last two images!

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