If you're thinking about bringing your dog along with you to run a quick errand and you have to leave them in the car, rethink that decision. It's way too hot for that! The Idaho Humane Society said it's been responding to an "alarming number" of calls for pets locked in hot cars. In just the past month and a half alone there's been 60 calls reporting animals being left in hot cars. In just the first two weeks of June, IHS has received 31 calls.

Despite what you may believe the fact is that pets can die within MINUTES if left trapped in a hot car. Not only is it dangerous but it's also now illegal in the city of Boise. You may recall Boise updating its city code which now prohibits animals from being left in hot cars. There has also been the introduction of "Good Samaritan" immunity from damages for those who rescue animals from life-threatening conditions (you just have to dial 911 first).

So how do you know if it's too hot? According to an IHS spokesperson, pets should be left at home when temperatures are 70 degrees or higher. That is pretty much everyday during the summer months. The same thing should be considered when taking your dog for a walk.

Although, they probably won't die from it, asphalt temperature can be way too hot for your dog's paws and cause contact burns. It's not always reflective of the air temperature either; normally it's far more hot.  A good way to check this is with your hand or foot. If you can't keep it on there for more than 5 seconds, then it's too hot for your dog to walk on.

Avoid  the sun and pavement by walking on grass, dirt or a cooler surface instead. Also choose to go on walks before 9am or after 7pm when it's much much cooler.

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