Summer is on the way out, and this weekend as you're sifting through beach towel and flip flop sales, you might also run into some candy corns.  The internet is having a fit that Halloween candy is already out in some stores, even before the pumpkin spice lattes.  Too soon?

My first thought is, yes!  Wait til there's a chill in the air and at least one leaf on the ground before putting the Halloween candy on the shelves.  And then reality sets in, and I realize that chocolate is good, and I really don't care what the wrapper looks like.  I only see the black and orange part for a third of a second anyway before that thing is in the trash, and the M&Ms are in my mouth.

Maybe the stores are feeling like some moms do about the to-do list.  Just get it done and cross it off!  The earlier the better and then we can move on to the next thing.  Or maybe they want us to ramp up the chocolate consumption now, and really take ownership of this over-eating season that runs until Christmas.  Okay.

The Halloween displays do make that section of the store seasonal and festive, and that's probably what the anti-Halloween-in-August shoppers are fighting.  Let Labor Day happen first.

Whatever it is - Christmas decorations, Halloween candy, or pumpkin spice everything - they always give us plenty of time to consume it. So if you're feeling like breaking out the candy corn-peanut mixture a little early to go with your pumpkin spice latte, this might be your weekend.

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