On the first of the month of every month I moan and groan about paying rent. However, it could always be worse! I could be living in a 400 square foot studio in New York City paying $3,000 a month. While I might have some pretty cool views of the NYC skyline if that was the case, it sure doesn't beat my comfortable, spacey, safe, and modern apartment that I'm currently living in here in Boise and that I'm also paying half that price for.

A study from Zumper.com compared the rental rates of one and two bedroom apartments all over the country. Out of 100 cities, Boise ranks right in the middle as the 52nd most expensive rental market in the nation. The median price of a one bedroom apartment is $1,050. The median price for a two bedroom rental is right around $1,240.

The median rent of a one and two bedroom apartment saw between a 7-8% increase in the past year. The national average of a one bedroom median increased 0.6% and 2-bedroom median increased 0.7%.

Having just moved to Boise not even two months ago, the process of apartment hunting is still fresh in my mind. The cost of living is always something that always should be considered when moving to different markets and can sometimes be quite the adjustment. I moved from Indianapolis which ranks a little lower on the list at 73. However I was living at home with my parents so the cost of living was about to go up for me no matter where I would've moved to!




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