We love our beloved state here in the Treasure Valley, but have you ever wondered how Idaho got it's unique shape?  Here's a quick look at how it came to be. 

TetonValleyNews.net took a look at the history of the Idaho Territory, and looking at the far more square and rectangle states that surround us.  The shape has certainly for unique applications like the gun stickers on the back of cars, and allows a quick confirmation of what state you're seeing when it's on maps, clothes, and posters.

The history traces back to when President Abraham Lincoln signed the act that created the designated Idaho Territory in 1863, it included what came to be Montana and a part of Wyoming.

For some time Idaho was also part of Washington State, but Washington wanted to separate Idaho and Montana out of their boundaries.

For more on the history and how our unique boundaries came to be, check out the story from TetonValleyNews.net HERE.


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