Labor Day Weekend is one of the biggest grilling weekends of the year, and that always means fun, friends, and lots of great food.  But have you ever counted how many calories are consumed during one of those barbecues?  Holy cow!

I just read that all the burgers, hot dogs, slaw, and potato salad (and maybe a few frothy beverages) add up to 1800 calories per barbecue.  Oh, and the chips too of course. What barbecue is complete without chips.  The average weeknight meal is 600 or 700 calories, so this weekend's food fest will be almost triple that.  Yum!

It's another great opportunity to live in denial it seems.  Just don't count how much you're shoveling in.  I'm not going to.

I've been sad lately because I miss the grill and the outdoor kitchen that I used to have at my old house, but this makes me feel better knowing I'll save all those calories this weekend.  I don't think I can cram 1800 calories onto the George Foreman.  Woohoo!

Have a great holiday weekend.


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