A Nampa family is asking for the public's help following a hit-and-run that took place on W. Dew Mist Dr. in Nampa, off of Lone Star and Middleton around 2 AM Wednesday (3/29) morning.

Phillip M., son of the owner of the vehicle that was hit, shared a video with us from his parents' security camera outside of their house. In the footage, we see what appears to be a truck or larger SUV turning a corner before ramming straight into the truck.

Without skipping a beat, the driver of the vehicle drives off as if nothing happens. The damage done to the parked truck looks severe.

Nampa Family Needs Help Identifying Hit & Run Driver

A Nampa family is looking for information that can lead to the identification of a driver who rammed the front of their truck and drove off in the middle of the night.

It's disturbing that someone did that and was able to drive off as if nothing happened. While we don't know the exact state of the driver that hit the parked truck, we can assume they were either distracted or incoherent. It's terrifying to think that's what is happening on the roads at night in the Treasure Valley.

"Sucks because it’s my dad's work vehicle for his business," Phillip, the owner's son shared with us in a private message.

"The tools and such can’t be easily hauled around by my mom's minivan."

Phillip says that all his family wants is for the person responsible to be held accountable for their actions. I have to admit - they're handling it better than I would be!

He says they submitted a web request to Nampa police but so far, no leads have turned up. Take a look at the footage below and if you have any information, contact Nampa police at (208) 465-2257.

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