Many of us woke up this morning to another senseless tragedy. The Las Vegas shooting has killed at least 59 so far and injured over 500 others during the outdoor country music festival Sunday night.

The shooter, a 64-year-old man living in Las Vegas, shot his automatic rifle from the 32nd floor on the Mandalay Bay Resort.

It's hard to know what exactly we can do here in the Treasure Valley when a national tragedy like this happens. But, there are things that we can and should do.

  • Donate blood - With all of the injuries, loss of blood, and emergency surgeries from the shooting, blood is needed desperately.
  • Donate money - If you choose to donate money to organizations helping the victims, be sure to only donate through reputable sites such as the American Red Cross or local organizations in Las Vegas. GoFundMe accounts (and other crowdsourcing sites) aren't always legit. Don't fall for a hoax or scam.
  • DON'T share graphic images and videos, especially on social media.
  • Only share information from vetted sites and reputable news sources. When unverified or fake news websites are shared, they can be shared at such a rapid rate which doesn't do any good for anyone if incorrect information is out there. It causes confusion.

A lot of residents from the Treasure Valley visit Las Vegas regularly and we do know of quite a few people who were there for the country music festival. Families looking to locate missing loved ones, please call 1-866-535-5654.

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