There's a group that provides about three hundred sandwiches for Boise's homeless population every weekend, and they need our help with the bread, meat, and PB&J.  It's an easy way to make a big difference in someone's life.  

Interfaith Sanctuary Homeless Shelter makes lots of sandwiches every weekend to pass out to Boise's homeless population, and they need donations of whole grain bread, deli meats and cheeses, peanut butter and jelly.

Maybe you can get your kids involved, or your church, or your company.  It's a big task every weekend to feed that many people, and they can't make it happen without our help.  Picking up an extra loaf of bread at the store doesn't cost that much, and it could help these guys feel a little love.

The shelter tells me that donations can be dropped off at The Interfaith Development office from 9am-5pm or directly at the Shelter after 6pm each night.  Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter provides a place to stay for up to 164 men, women and families with children and helps them transition out of homelessness.

Interfaith Sanctuary DEVELOPMENT Office:

3350 W. Americana Terrace, Ste. 320 | Boise, ID 83707, between 9am to 5pm, M-T

Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter Address:

1620 W. River Street | Boise, ID 83706, between 6pm to 8pm

Heading South on 16th-Americana,

Turn in front of A2O Fitness and pull into the main gates.

Please ask for the shift manager on duty.

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