We are a few weeks into the school year and let me tell you, I am still not prepared. All this time I was worried about the logistics. The hybrid of online learning and in person school is a concept that’s still tricky in terms of establishing a routine. And I’ve been worried about the coronavirus. What I didn’t expect is to realize that I have forgotten any and all things I learned in the fourth grade.

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My kid is a pretty fast learner and tends to be ahead of the curve in his studies, so he’s not struggling at the moment. But there have been more than a few times on days where he’s learning from home that I can’t provide answers to his questions. He will ask me a definition for a vocabulary word or to explain how to solve a math problem and I flat out don’t know what to tell him.
Just the other day my husband and I were struggling to explain the definition of twilight. I am arguably not a stupid woman. But I can tell you my first instinct was to tell him it’s a love story between a shy girl and a vampire, which definitely makes me sound stupid.
I will admit that up until this point I’d never worried much about reading the weekly curriculum guide because I knew my son wouldn’t be coming to me for help. But now that he’s in an upper elementary school grade I will be taking a close look and brushing up on the concepts myself if only to avoid embarrassing myself in front of my 9 year old.
I can’t be the only one who’s failing elementary school, right? Please, for my sanity, let me know what grade school work has been stumping you this school year. But common core math doesn’t count. I’m a brat and refuse any technique that doesn’t “carry the one.”


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