The Power Couple

Move over Bennifer, there's a new power couple in town. Courtesy of Hellmann's Mayonnaise, Mayo-nog is the talk of the holiday season.

While some are quick to embrace the dynamic duo, others ardently oppose it. Amid warring countries, an economy in duress, and Kanye's tentative 2024 presidential candidacy, the union of mayonnaise and eggnog is front-page news.

How It Started

It seems there was a void in the Hellmann's legacy. Sandwiches, salads, and deviled eggs had stopped cutting the proverbial mustard. The Maestros of Mayo needed more by way of flavor and fame. And boy did they go for it!

That ambition inevitably led to the unlikely collaboration of Hellmann's and mixologist Cody Goldstein of Muddling Memories. Together, the two teamed up to craft the most unique frozen beverage of the holiday season. In a recent review, Caroline Boden of thrillist describes Hellmann's Mayo-nog better than any other source we've consulted with.

Similar to a creamy cinnamon horchata, the alcoholic Frozen Mayo-nog has fall spice notes. While the recipe puts a twist on the traditional Eggnog, the cocktail instead contains Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, dark rum, apple brandy, whole milk, heavy cream, simple syrup, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon. —Caroline Boden, thrillist


If you're ready for a refreshing glass of frothy, frozen Mayo-nog, the Hellmann's-Goldstein recipe below is yours for the making!

Hellmann's Frozen Holiday Mayo-nog Recipe

Ingredients to Serve 2:

Combine the ingredients in a blender over ice, blending until you achieve a creamy-smooth consistency. To enhance the flavor profile of the rum, add a dash of fresh ground cinnamon or an organic cinnamon stick to your mayo-licious holiday 'nog. Voilà! You just made Mayo-nog!

Idaho's Hawaiian BBQ Cuisine Scene

Idaho's Hawaiian Cuisine Scene
Adored and savored for its exotic spectrum of flavor that spans from citrus to smoky, Idahoans are embracing Hawaiian BBQ one ono entrée at a time. It's food made from the soul, for the soul. It's also an absolute Godsend that it's finally found its way into Idaho!

My Hānai Family
When talking about Hawaiian cuisine, I'd be remiss not to mention the gift of Hawaiian culture in my life. Just like the robust flavor profiles of fresh ginger and garlic, my Hawaiian hānai family are every bit as distinct and inviting. They make the days brighter, and fill each moment with love, laughter, and fellowship. No matter where life takes me, I'll never leave my hānai family behind.

Exclusive Recommendations
If you're in search of food for the soul and a feel for one of the warmest, most wonderful cultures on earth, this gallery is your guide! Each restaurant is a recommendation from my hānai family to yours.


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