Summer is finally here and it's time to float the Boise River. Idahoans have so many options right here in our backyard when it comes to Summer activities. what if you can't swim?

I made some shirts recently and went into Joanne's Fabrics to purchase a Cricut. I walked out with all this stuff wondering how fast could Youtube teach me as I saw this large Goldfish next door. I immediately went to the Goldfish stuff we snack since we were little kids. No, it's a swimming school.

Yes! Something I can enroll our son in to get him out among other kids while learning to swim. Would my little guy do it though? Yes. Lennox was so excited and it takes but a second to figure out why. This Goldfish Swim School is cool for kids and amazingly convenient for parents to interact with. This is my first swim school so just don't me if they all look like this. The Goldfish is kind of like being in a swimming arena with see-through glass that gives you the opportunity to watch everything.

I promise that I'm not endorsing this school and nobody asked me to write this article. My wife suggested I wrote something because it's just so simple to interact as parents and our son absolutely loved it.

You can choose to be in a group of 4 or pick a single instructor. Either way, I just loved how cute this little school was and how many trained lifeguards were both in the water and watching over.

The instructor wore see-through plastic masks in the water and all the teams were super smart with all the kids. It's one of the first things we've done with Lennox and it was really cool. I can't say enough about the teaching and the atmosphere. Parents can watch through the glass and are invited for the last 5 minutes to watch including some interaction with the instructor.

They have a place for fun showers and blow dryers which is kind of fun for the kids.

The only thing missing was Bubble Guppies playing on the television screens. I'll post up links so you can check prices and availability.

Goldfish Swimming School


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