Okay, I'm down with the Pumpkin Spice; candles, the latte (I even made a song about that), but Pumpkin Spice Infused Kraft Mac N Cheese... Have we gone too far?

The first day the Pumpkin Spice Latte was available I hit up the Starbucks on Broadway in Downtown Boise and got myself one. I thought, why not? And it was great! I've been getting them since! Occasionally I'll get a pumpkin Cold Brew but ya know, I'm down with the pumpkin spice and I'm down with the fall. I'm even down with the pumpkin related candles they've got at Bath and Body Works (my fiance had a good haul for the fall over there).

This might be where I draw a line in the sand... Kraft making Pumpkin Spice Flavored Mac n cheese. I never thought I'd see the day!

So sure, if you're interested, get yourself signed up and I won't judge but I'm one of those people who believes that Mac n cheese really only needs two elements: The mac, and the cheese. Everything else is just fluff. I don't like fancy mac n cheeses with mushrooms in it, I don't like "grown up" mac and cheese with a whole kitchen sink somehow infused in it (that's a casserole, by the way). The ingredients are IN THE NAME. Mac. And cheese. That's it, what else do you really need? Am I super basic for thinking this way? Perhaps, but I know what I like, and it's good ole fashion Kraft Macaroni and cheese. No inclusions.

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