Remember earlier this year we had two local boys trying to get their show added to HGTV’s lineup. The Boise Boys, Clint and Luke have officially signed up for a new show to be aired next year. The catch? The show will not be called Boise Boys. 

Boise Boys

The original pilot episode ran back in May of this year on HGTV.  The network wanted to see if anybody would watch the show. The first episode had 1.3 million viewers making it one of the top ten shows on HGTV this all that hard work has paid off as Clint and Luke just announced on their Facebook page that they have been picked up for 6 episodes of their new show called "Restoring Idaho"

This is what they had to say on their Facebook Page:

"Well it’s finally official! Clint and I could not be more excited to announce we are going to series on @hgtv - Together we are so humbled to be able to share our lives and business on such a great platform. The shows new title is @restoringidaho and we are filming our first season right now. We will be sharing lots of updates and behind the scenes now that we can talk about it. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and all of the support we have received. We are so grateful!"

The show features Luke Caldwell and Clint Richardson, friends who own a company called Timber and Love here in Boise. The show will debut on HGTV in March of 2018. As we get the exact dates and time, we will let you know so keep checking back here at

This is the only show filmed in the Northwest and if you watched May's debut, you saw that it really highlighted Boise and the surrounding area. So unfortunately this could cause even more people to want to move to the Boise area.

Congratulations, Clint and Luke! Your hard work paid off. Here's to hoping for bigger and better things.

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