Worthwhile real estate is hard to come by these days. I've seen some bombed out and depleted looking houses going for close to a million dollars. And for what? It's more than annoying that the population surge means skyrocketing housing costs for homes that leave much to be desired. I mean, Boise's infamous Murder House is worth three quarters of a million in this market. It's enough to make you gag the way the gruesome story itself does. But once in a while you find a home that even with an inflated price tag might be worth it.

I am fortunate enough to work in a building just a two minute walk away from Boise's beautiful Greenbelt. And on my lunch break as I pass homes situated so close to the river, I wonder who these lucky individuals are that reside in such a coveted location. Turns out there are quite a few homes on the market close to the Greenbelt, ready for you to call home if you can cough up the coin. Cue an experienced home loan officer, because this house is perfect.

Photo via Build Idaho

The exterior of this chic 2788 sqft home isn't flashy, but it's practically new, having been built less than a decade ago. Neutral without being boring, the house has stone work accents that make it feel fancy but not intimidating. And the landscaping is simple and clean. But if you're looking for a garden, you'll have to activate your green thumb to get it done.

Photo via Build Idaho
Photo via Build Idaho

The interior has wood features that marry modern and rustic vibes. And the huge windows bring lots of light into the kitchen, dining, and living spaces. Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about? Thankfully you have these pictures to attest.

But the best part is that this quaint, lovely home is just a 12 minute drive to the Greenbelt. I love my house, but I live half an hour away from Greenbelt access. Not ideal for someone who loves it so much. It's listed for $989,000. So not quite a million, which is better than a lot of the dilapidated houses masquerading as luxury homes.

At the end of the day, though, can any of us really afford a house right now? But real estate porn is always good to pass the time.

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