Governor Little words last night have stuck with me. "Life will not go back to normal for a long time." What does the mean and how can we be pre-pared?

Never in my life did I think we'd be living in a world where you can't go sit down at a restaurant or go to a bar. That's our reality right now and it may be our reality for quite some time.

As of this morning, according to KTVB, there have been 894 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 9 deaths in the state of Idaho.

Governor Little put in a a stay-at-home order that is supposed to expire on April 15th, but he tells,

Until we have a vaccine, until we have immunity, until we have good treatment, something's going to have to happen after April 15th.

I went to Costco to stock up again yesterday and when I went there wasn't any toilet paper, paper towels, or anti-bacterial cleaners like Lysol wipes available.

Many people have lost jobs, kids aren't in school, and schools are scrambling to get online school in place.

It's certainly a weird world we are living in and apparently we should at least pre-pare ourselves that it may not return to normal any time soon.

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