In the five months that he's been in office, Governor Little has done a few things that surprised and gained the respect of some Idahoans who may not have supported him during the November election.

If he can pull this one off, chances are he may go down as the greatest governor Idaho has ever seen.  On Wednesday afternoon, Governor Little took a few minutes out of his day to call Garth Brooks on behalf of his disappointed constituents who missed out on tickets to Garth's Albertsons Stadium concert.  I don't know about you, but this doesn't sound like a firm "no" to me!

By the way, there was a little method behind the madness in Governor Little placing this call. According to the Idaho Statesman, when Garth sold out Minneapolis in under an hour, out going Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton made a plea to Garth to add a second concert.  Flattered by the outreach, Garth replied via Twitter within minutes that he was in.  Three days later, they announced a second show to take place the day before the one that sold out.

When the original July 20 Boise concert went on sale, it sold out more than 40,000 seats in under 57 minutes.  We know we had listeners still stuck in line in the online waiting room or on the phone line who were absolutely crushed when they found out they missed out. For all those fans, we certainly hope that Governor Little's phone call nudged him in the right direction!

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