After week #12 in the NFL, I am happy to say my beloved Seahawk's, 11-1,  remain 1 game up on Kate's Debacle Broncos....(umm, I meant to say Denver) at 10-2.  I would be way more happy if Denver could see it's way to lose another game so I'd be more comfortable, because I don't relish wearing a Bronco jersey and doing a cheer.....I suck at cheering, and I look REALLY bad in Denver Orange!

In case you don't remember Kate and I made a bet at the beginning of the season as to which of our teams would do better this year, the loser had to buy and wear the others teams jersey while doing a team cheer.

If the two teams are tied at the end of the season, then it's best record in the playoffs, and if they BOTH win the playoffs the tie will be settled in the SUPER BOWL! (Fingers crossed), that would be AWESOME to see my team win the Superbowl (finally) especially if it came at the expense of Kate and her Donkey's!.....Oh, and Don't feel sorry for her, she's used to it....remember she's a Colorado State fan. Lol!