There used to be only two things that were certain - death and taxes. If you live in Idaho however, you can add increased college tuition to that list. The price to attend Idaho colleges is going up once again this year, for both residents and non-residents.

On Wednesday (4/18) The Idaho Board of Education voted to increase tuition at all of the state's four-year institutions at its annual meeting on Wednesday.

The hikes are between 3.5 percent and 8 percent, and they impact both resident and nonresident students. The increases will effect all students in the upcoming school year beginning this fall.

Here are the rate increases for each of Idaho’s Schools:

▪ Boise State University: 5 percent increase for both resident and non resident students

▪ University of Idaho: 5 percent for residents, 8 percent for nonresidents.

▪ Idaho State University: 3.5 percent for residents, 5 percent for nonresidents.

▪ Lewis-Clark State College: 4.5 percent for both residents and nonresidents.

The board deliberating for several hours after receiving input from administrators and students before agreeing on the new tuition increases.

Last year, rates also increased at all Idaho colleges. According to the Idaho State board of Education, rates  increased, 3.5 percent at Boise State, Lewis and Clark State and the University of Idaho, while Idaho State University saw a 3 percent increase.

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