A state-of-the-art mobile recording studio is coming to Boise to give students the chance to record music at school with the help of three on-board engineers.  And the songs they produce could end up going viral on Youtube.

The John Lennon Tour Bus travels around the country and stops at different schools to give students access to hands-on demonstrations, remote recordings, and studio sessions based on their experience and interest.  It's part of a digital media education that those with a musical or broadcasting interest will eat up!

Music departments in schools have enough to worry about without having to create a digital recording studio for students to play with, and in this case the studio comes to them.  The late John Lennon's management team created the mobile recording studio idea to give students an overview of what really goes on in a recording or video production facility and to try out their own production skills.  The artists that we hear on the radio make it sound easy, but is it really that simple to create a song?

Students at East Junior High School in Boise are about to find out.  The Bus will be there on Thursday, April 19th between 9:00am and 6:00pm.  That's 5600 E Warm Springs Avenue in Boise.  The Bus moves on to Wilder on Friday, Pocatello on Monday, and Middleton on Tuesday.

What a cool opportunity to lay down some tracks!  We'll be watching for the results on social media.

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