I think there is some fear of 'gluten free' pasta, I know I have been hesitant to try it. My roommate has an issue with spaghetti most likely due to gluten and I love it so to compromise I made gluten free spaghetti and it was great.

There are multiple different gluten free pastas out there, not all easily found. Ranging from brown rice pasta to chickpea pasta. I used a multi grain pasta and a sauce that's gluten free, I believe most red sauces are gluten free but always good to check.

The brand Barilla comes up a lot as a favorite of gluten free pasta which is pretty commonly found in grocery stores across the country.

The biggest tip I had for cooking gluten free pasta was the cook time. It was different then regular pasta and the constancy is different and I ended up over cooking it a bit but it was still good.



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