A recent discussion on the Facebook page for the Boise Hawks has sparked a debate among baseball enthusiasts over the proper age for bat boy/girl for the team.

The team recently posted a job opening for the position and caught the attention of the Treasure Valley. Particularly for the job requirements which include:

  • Pre-game setup of dugouts and bullpens
  • Retrieve bats, balls, and other equipment from playing field during games
  • Provide umpires with game balls/water when requested
  • Maintain the bat rack, helmet rack, and equipment rack organization throughout the game.
  • Take down and cleaning of dugouts and bullpens post-game
  • Any additional duties as assigned by the Clubhouse Manager

Oh yeah... and there's one other requirement: you must be at least 16 years of age.

The post sparked reactions and debate as to whether or not the Boise Hawks are doing the right thing by having the age minimum.

"16!? That’s terrible. Are you guys making this a paid position?" one comment said.

"Bat boys and girls has always been a role for younger kids 8-12 to develop a love for the game. You guys have lost the point."

The Boise Hawks responded that it is a paid position but that didn't stop the debate of whether or not the position should go to a younger candidate.

"Did you see the list of job duties??" another user replied.

"No one younger than 16 should be doing all that."

Who is in the right here?

This brings up a valid question: who should the job go to? A young child who dreams of one day playing in a professional setting? Or a 16-year-old looking for their first job?

I would love to hear your thoughts here.

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