I know, usually we reserve "The most wonderful time of the year" for seasonal music, but when I come with four boxes of heaven, it seems appropriate.  Girl Scout Cookies are back!

I was very (some might say overly) excited when I picked up my son at daycare, and there was a table full of boxes of incredible goodness.  Girl Scout cookies are one of those things most of us look forward to, and regardless of your diet plan and typical feeling about sugary treats, you can't help but feel good about buying these.

After all, we're supporting the young women in our community, so that has to knock the caloric intake down somehow right?

Of course, the most important debate tends to be what the most popular Girl Scout Cookies are.  In total sales across the country, the Thin Mints usually win out.  People.com has taken this information and come up with a list of the top Girl Scout Cookies broken down state-by-state.

Any guess for what Idaho's favorite cookie is?  While I can't imagine any voting for anything other than Samoas as their favorite, evidently I have more in common with Washington State.  Across our entire region, we align with the national statistics, and Idaho (as well as California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona) goes for Thin Mint.

To see more about the state-by-state comparisons, just click HERE.

By the way, the new S'mores flavor is out this year.  I was a bit disappointed.  I'll just stick to Samoas.



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